Horse Box Trailers

  • Height of Horse 16.22hh (Warmblood Filly)
  • Rubberide Axles with 14” Wheels (Sparewheel included)
  • Auto Reverse Coupler with Heavy Duty Jocky Wheel
  • Ramp is loading friendly with two gas lifts. Ramp is Rubber lined and ribbed for stable and safe loading.
  • 2.5mm Floor and Kick plates protected with DTM
  • Heavy Duty Woven Rubber Mat, fastened with easy removable fasteners
  • Padded Sides and Buttbar. Removable Butt– and Chest Bars
  • L = 3400mm, W = 1600mm, H = 2300mm
  • Buttbar to Chestbar: 2080mm
  • Chestbar to Window: 1230mm
  • GVM: 2988KG

  • TARE MASS: 1175KG


  • Side Door with Lockable Handle
  • Groom Box + Interior Light
  • Anti – Bite Partition included
  • Two Air Vents on Fibreglass Roof
  • Shatterproof Slider and Fixed Windows
  • Front + Fenders protected with Alluminium Tread Plate


  • Portable Paddock
  • Padded Chest bars
  • Padded Divider
  • Front Off Load Ramp (Ribbed and Rubberlined for safe and stable loading)
  • Width can be modified for bigger Horses to 1730mm
  • Colour coding
  • Groom Bed


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