Hyundai Canopies

Hyundia & Kia Fiberglass Canopy


  • Low Line
  • Standard side windows
  • Half Door 

Hyundai & Kia Steel Canopy


  • Level with cab
  • Standard Windows
  • Double Rear Doors

Options available

  • Steel Roofrack
  • Roll cage
  • Steel Benches
  • Lapbelts

Hyundai & Kia Contractor Workers Steel Canopy


  • Side opening doors
  • Drawers on passenger side
  • Opening on Drivers side for toolbox
  • No Back door


  • Double rear doors
  • Key Alike Locks

Hyundai & Kia Workers Cab Steel Canopy


  • Can be fitted inside or on top of dropside
  • With or without doors or windows
  • With or without roof-rack
  • Bench seats also available

Hyundai & Kia Space Saver Fibreglass Canopy


  • No windows
  • Double Rear  doors
  • Container Door Lock

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